Jean-Luc BorgersFrom a young age Jean-Luc was passionated by metal and he liked to work
with his hands. He has a metalworking degree. He likes to create things,
where he can use his imagination, but his works of art must stay realistic.
One could imagine to get into his creations and drive away.

Because he uses recycled objects he can find his materials anywhere,
such as junk yards, dumpsters and even on trash heaps. He gives disposed
objects a second life. Remnants of old lawnmowers, compressors and all
kinds of other machines are being reincarnated as engine parts in
his cars.

Jean-Luc with the Lighting Arrow One
Jean-Luc with the Lighting Arrow One

Jean-Luc wants

to create a work of art that evokes the sound, the velocity
and the feeling of hair blowing in the wind.
When people look at his art, they must be able to imagine themselves
driving around in his creations.
Because he’s free of mechanical obligations, he can release
his imagination fully on his works.