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Here you can find the unique and one-of-a-kind art-works created by
Jean-Luc Borgers and find out about the future and past exhibitions.
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Jean-Luc BorgersFrom a young age Jean-Luc was passionated by metal and he liked to work
with his hands. He has a metalworking degree. He likes to create things,
where he can use his imagination, but his works of art must stay realistic.
One could imagine to get into his creations and drive away.

Because he uses recycled objects he can find his materials anywhere,
such as junk yards, dumpsters and even on trash heaps. He gives disposed
objects a second life. Remnants of old lawnmowers, compressors and all
kinds of other machines are being reincarnated as engine parts in
his cars.

Jean-Luc with the Lighting Arrow One
Jean-Luc with the Lighting Arrow One

Jean-Luc wants

to create a work of art that evokes the sound, the velocity
and the feeling of hair blowing in the wind.
When people look at his art, they must be able to imagine themselves
driving around in his creations.
Because he’s free of mechanical obligations, he can release
his imagination fully on his works.

Silver Ghost

After 1560 hours of hard work the Silver Ghost was born. A lot of details are to be discovered.
The Silver Ghost is inspired on the legendary Ferrari Lancia D50.



  Length Width Height
m  1,545  0,76  0,36
inch  61  30  14

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For the construction of his fifth car JLB was inspired by two total different styles, which he combined.
In that sense his fifth car can be called eclectic.
For the bodywork of the car he has been inspired by the streamlined forms of the art-deco cars,which he combined with rugged elements of a Mad Max car.

His new creation has gotten the aptly name “Speedmonster”.


dim sm

  Length Width Height
m 1.755 0.855 0.455
inch 69 33.6 17.9

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The Fox 54

For his sixth car Jean-Luc Borgers, wanted to create a Rat Rod: The Fox 54

Radiating a great personality thanks to the creative imagination of the artist.

The Fox 54 contains wonderful details worked out to perfection, the trademark of JLB-ART, The Art of Perfection.

It took 2200 hours of hard labor, heart and soul, before The Fox 54 came to life.


  Length Width Height
m 1.84 0.90 0.425
inch 71.3 35 16.5

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Speedy Snail

For the creation of his 7th work of art Jean-Luc Borgers was inspired by the Morgan tricycle of the twenties and thirties.

He was so fascinated by the model that he just had to make his own version.

After 500 hours of intensive work, his interpretation became reality in “Speedy Snail”.


  Length Width Height
m 1.310 0.675 0.300
inch 51.57 26.57 11.8

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Media / Events

Aston Martin

Op het jaarlijks evenement van de Knokke Zoute Grand Prix liet Freddy Loix, hoofd van Aston Martin Brussel, zijn oog vallen op The Fox 54. Al snel werd duidelijk dat Freddy Loix en Jean-Luc Borgers een grote passie hebben voor authentiek vakmanschap. Zij houden van unieke stukken die hun gelijke niet kennen. Beiden streven naar …

The Fox 54 at Delvaux Knokke

The Fox 54 wordt gekenmerkt door de combinatie van een robuust uiterlijk, met fijnzinnig uitzicht. De gasfles waaruit het kunstwerk werd vervaardigd, zorgt enerzijds voor een gestroomlijnd uiterlijk, maar is anderzijds de drager van een technisch netwerk vol pure perfectie. Kunstenaar Jean-Luc Borgers weet als metaalmanipulator exact wat ​The Art of Perfection​ inhoudt.  The Fox …


    The Art of Perfection

    by Jean-Luc Borgers